Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Muddier, The Merrier

The Merry Month of May. I sent out an invite to a ride out to Nuvali. Two answered the call. We met up at Nuvali parking and hightailed south along Nuvali Drive. The sky is grey, heavy and ripe for rain.
JB and Tracy - Nuvali Blvd
All smiles despite the gloomy weather

Thunderstorm alert, we need to stop at the Gazebo/Bird Sanctuary
A piece of useful info on some of the wildlife found in this neck of the woods

Waiting for the thunderstorm to stop, photo ops in the meantime

Thirty minutes later, when the rain stopped, I showed them the short trail inside the Wildlife Sanctuary
Mountain Bike Action inside the Wildlife Sanctuary
Crossing the creek - Wildlife Sanctuary
Bleachers - Wildlife Sanctuary
Prepare to drop and give 30!

The Lady and the Falcon
The sun about to dip below the western horizon
Iba ang may lakas ng Cobra energy drink

A Nuvali ride can't be considered complete without the Gazebo shot
My turn!

And now for some serious 5-inches of fun (120mm of front suspension), a ride to half-foot deep water puddle, muddy trail, disorienting ride in the dark!

The muddier, the merrier, at the trail head
Sorry Cookie, I promise I will disassemble your drivetrain and give you a thorough cleaning, no rides tomorrow, promise
It's hard to see in the dark, even with thee lights. I need to get those high power LED lights
Yalla! Hurry up! hehehehe
We did it!
Choco icing covered Cookie
A dirty bike means a happy mountainbiker
Mud-blanketed drive train, oy no complaints here, I love it!

Bitin, this boy wants more mud action!
We had dinner at the house. Ate Baby cooked for us Inihaw na Bangus and Adobong Manok
We cleaned our bikes and parted ways with a smile on our faces.
partially cleaned bikes

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