Monday, July 22, 2013

ULPB CEAT Recon Ride

UPLB is a state university located in Southern Tagalog region province of Laguna. The foot of Mount Makiling serves as a laboratory/test bed of the various agro-industrial courses offered by the university. In the past 14 years living in Laguna, I was able to bicycle that way a couple of times. PCARRD - UPLB is my favorite route going inside the university complex. The PCARRD - UPLB road is a 5km winding route hugging Mt. Makiling. Boasting an elevation of around 150 meters above sea level, the route is lined with century old trees, covering you from the sun.
I did a reconnaissance ride to locate CEAT inside UPLB because on August 3, 2013, I will help send family friend to the UPCAT.

The Earth is so beautiful. PCARRD - UPLB road near BSP Jamboree

UP Oblation

Cyclists enjoying the Sunday morning ride. UPLB PCARRD road

Gas is so precious to burn. The air too thin to pollute. Oxygen becoming scarce to share with hundreds of millions of internal combustion engines. Lets bike instead
Torii - UPLB
Beautifully constructed torii inside UPLB. Near UPLB Freedom Park


60 meters elevation gain
UPLB Freedom Park

Road to Makiling Peak 2

Mission completed - UPLB CEAT


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