Friday, August 23, 2013

Bike Tech: What Causes Chain to Slip

I just bought an HG73 9 speed chain to replace my 2 year old chain. Upon replacement, I rode my bike to test the performance. Tuning up the derailleur is not usually done when replacing chain because the cogs (gears) and the chain should work together. Gears 1 to 8 worked fine, but at the 9th gear, the chain slips especially when pedaling hard.
I adjusted the H limit screw, lubed the cables, and adjusted the B screw. Not one of them worked,
I examined the 9th cognand found that the teeth had worned out. Replacing the whole cassette is very expensive. A 9 speed Shimano XT cassette can cost 2500 pesos. I only need the 11- teeth cog.
One solution is to buy HG31 non series cassette and use the last cog.
I bought it for 500 pesos. One fifth the cost of replacing the whole cassette.

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