Thursday, August 1, 2013

Living the Simple Bike Life

Don't get me wrong, I do not hate cars. I drive one and find it useful on certain times. In fact, I love old school cars like Lancers, Corollas before the advent of ECUs. These old school cars teach you a lot of things on basic troubleshooting and simple principles of operation of vehicle systems.
But lately, I am more interested in anything powered by humans. These two wheeled contraptions called the bicycle is the most fascinating invention made by man. Even in its basic single speed fixie to the most complex 30 speed, multilinked suspension bike, I love the bicycle and its many iteration. I am so engrossed into cycling. My life literally revovles around the bicycle.
A bike is simple to maintain, no oil changes, no tunes ups, no gas charges, no annual registration, no insutance. Gas price hikes were the least concern for me.
Add the benefits to health that your bike gives, it's a good choice to take up cycling.

Great day to all

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