Sunday, September 8, 2013

Panasonic Pedal for the Environment

Panasonic Philippine's Corporate Social Responsibility Event

Panasonic Philippines held it's first bicycle ride event. Dubbed "Pedal for the Environment 2013" the event was organized to promote the company's environmental awareness program. The total number of participants were limited to 300 only for logistical reasons. It is difficult to control the number of cyclists travelling public roads. A number of marshals, traffic enforcers, security personnel were involved to make sure everything flows smoothly. The route is 19.5 km long with climbs that are challenging especially for newbies. The event was organized through SLY Tours and Events. I'm sure, this project was the brainchild of Panasonic Riders. Great job guys!

The long climb started at kilometer 6 and went on to kilometer 12 with some technical tracks that will surprise both newbies and intermediate riders. Since this is an advocacy ride, the event organizer had scheduled some stops to let the others catch up. The participants were also shown the pollution blanketing Metro Manila.

As early as 4:30am, cyclists started arriving inside the covered court of Panasonic

At around 5am, 75 percent of the participants arrived
Good ole Cookie was given the number 179
Ride out started at 6:00
First rendezvous point near 8km mark
With Rey Bernas
Muddy road
See Metro Manila? It's hidden inside that smog

Foothills of Sierra Madre
Rest  before climbing Antipolo
Finish Line. Waiting to get my Finisher's Medal
Photo op
Homeward bound


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