Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Population, problems and solutions

In 1960, the population of the Philippines was 26Million, in 2010, the population rose to 92.34 Million. In 50 years, the population increased 355%! Calabarzon, NCR and Central Luzon comprised one third of the population. By the time I die in 2040, the population would have increased to 162 Million, assuming we use the 1.9% annual population growth rate. How on earth would the next set of leaders solve the problems linked with population growth? Food, Housing, Healthcare, Jobs, Economy. Daunting? Yes. But we can help solve it now. 

1. Limit your offspring to one.
2. It's time to get rid of "Ako-na muna" attitude. 
3. Stop stealing little things. Where do you think the root of the pork barrel scam come from? Once you steal that small item and get away with it, you raise the bar and steal even bigger items.
4. Follow traffic rules. The rules are there for a reason, to maintain order and help strengthen our character. Beating the red light and bribing the traffic enforcer wont help our country.
5. Love the Philippines. Do not speak ill of our country and our countrymen ESPECIALLY IN FRONT OF FOREIGN VISITORS.
6. Follow the golden rule of your religion. Every religion has its own version of it. But in the final analysis, it all boils down to: Do Unto Others What You Want Others To Do Unto You.
7. Love your family, your wife, your kids, your parents and siblings. Remember, the core of any society is the family. Guard it with your life. A strong family with a strong moral code helps in the development of a better Philippines.


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