Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bike Tech: Product Review - Lezyne Zecto Pro LED Light

Lezyne is a company known for its well crafted products. I have purchased a power cage bottle cage before and was satisfied with it. When I saw the Zecto Drive Pro on display at a local bike shop, I asked the shop attendant to show me how the product works.
I bought one to try it myself.
Maximum Lumens: 160
Weight: 47grams
Recharge Time: 4 to 6 hours. Full charge indicator: steady green light.
Operation Mode and Run Time
The website lists the modes and corresponding run times of the device.
Economy mode gives 40 lumens at 3hours 10minutes run time.
Full Blast modes meanwhile gives 80 lumens for 2hours run time.
Operation Mode

I will try out this weekend on how it's operating on night rides.
Out Of The Box
Here are the contents of the Lezyne Zecto Drive Pro out of the packaging.
Package contents:
Lezyne Zecto Pro
Micro USB Charging Cable

Zecto Pro Packing List

Economy Mode
Blast Mode
The transparent side bezel acts like a light pipe, providing visibility for the rider
Green LED indicator blinks while charging
Mounting the Zecto Pro is easy. The included rubber strap provides a number of ways to mount the unit on your handle bar.

Blog will be updated after testing on trails.

Here is what the Lezyne Zecto Pro beam looks like
Transparent Bezel pipes in light
Two hours of use, 50% battery power

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