Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bike Tech: Bottom Bracket Maintenance

A bike's bottom bracket is an important component that holds the crank. Without it, you cannot pedal your way to your destination. The bottom bracket is exposed to the elements. Water and mud splash from the wheels could enter the assembly making it prone to corrosion. Add the microscopic dust particles and you have a recipe for bearing failure.
One way to extend your bottom bracket life is to constantly re-grease the bearings.
Here are the tools needed:
1. Hex Wrench
2. Bottom Bracket Removal Tool
3. Crank Puller (if your bike has ISIS, Octalink, or Power Spline bottom brackets)

Here is a video tutorial:

Re-greasing the bottom bracket:
Regular maintenance of your bottom bracket will extend its service life and save the rider from walking home with a stuck bearing.

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