Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bike Tech: 2014 Shimano Alivio Groupset

Great news for all mountain bike enthusiasts! Shimano released the 2014 Alivio Groupset with technology previously used in higher groupsets like Deore.
For those unfamiliar with Shimano Groupsets, the hierarchy goes like this:
Deore XTR
DXR ( Chainring)
Deore XT
Deore LX /DX (Discontinued)
Alivio /400GS /Exage
Acera /300GS
Altus / 200GS

Deore XTR is the best and Nexus, the worst in terms of performance.


One thing noticeable about the Alivio crank is the hollowtech form similar to Deore. You can use your existing outboard bottom bracket if you want to try out the Alivio crank.
Alivio Crank in Hollowtech- image courtesy of

Rear Derailleur

The rear derailleur now incorporates shadow tech available previously on higher groupsets. This means the profile is narrower, means less protrusion.
Rear derailleur with Shadow technology - image courtesy of

Integrated Brake Levers and Shifters.

For those who like the simplicity and compact form of integrated lever shifters, Alivio has a version for you.
Compact and simple integrated lever and shifter - image courtesy of

Brake Caliper

I personally like the silver finish of the caliper which is similar to Deore's form.
Caliper - image courtesy of

Front Derailleur

The FD comes in many forms that include the top pull and bottom pull versions.

Front Derailleur - image courtesy of
This is welcome news for budget conscious cyclists like me. Go to your local bike shop and ask for the 2014 Shimano Alivio groupset.


Allan Frank Atanacio said...

if this will be priced at P10000 per gruppo or less, it will be great for the budget of beginners.

Gerald Jerico Velayo said...

What if 8000 is the selling price? I'd buy one

Rendyll Patrick said...

Bought mine @ P
7000 w/o hubs and rotors.. worth every penny..

Gerald Jerico Velayo said...

@Rendyll, how was it?