Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vanishing Trails Part 2

Last year, in May, I had fun exploring the Nuvali North and South trails with bike buddies. Had I known these trails will vanish (gradually, I have no idea) I should have rode in it frequently.
Last week, February 23, I got on my bike and rode off with no destination in mind. Since it was quite late for a Tagaytay ride, Nuvali trails seems to be a right choice. I went to the bird sanctuary and Gazebo.
View deck still intact
Gazebo - check!
The dirt road that leads to the Nuvali South Trail disappeared and was replaced by an obstacle course.

Familiar trail
After wandering and wondering for the longest time, I finally chanced upon a familiar path. I took it, hoping to get to the portion where there were tree plantings with markings. I was lost for 15 minutes. I did get to the tree plantation spot, but the path was gone and covered with tall cogon grass.
It was gettng dark, I had to bail out and find my way to Nuvali boulevard. Where are the trails inside Nuvali?

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