Monday, June 2, 2014

Timberland - Casile - Wawa Dam Adventure

May 31, 2014 - The last day of May. I got invited by one of my bike buddies to a river crossing adventure. I was told this would involve traversing Marikina River.

Off to Timberland

The trip will make you climb up Wall 1 and 2 in Timberland. Prepare yourself to climb 390 meters in 5 kilometers of road.
Information Billboard near Green zone

More Mud, More fun

Downhill to Marikina River

From a maximum elevation of 447 meters, you will descend to 79 meters ASL in a distance of 5.8 kilometers

Downhill Fun

Rock Garden
The crew
Single Track
At elevation 79 meters

Traversing the Marikina River

After resting for 2 hours, we traversed Marikina River, crossing it 6 times. 
Marikina River at 14.702127, 121.209442

River Crossing at 14°42'05.5"N 121°11'58.6"E

Sixth River Crossing at 14°43'51.1"N 121°11'10.4"E
Wawa Dam

After an hour of hiking, river crossing and cycling, we reached Wawa dam.

Spider bike
At Wawa Dam
Spillover Dam

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