Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spend your time wisely

I read this article from Quora. Just wanted to share to you:
Say a person is fortunate to live until the ripe old age of 75. That means they get 900 months on this earth to do ANYTHING they want. That’s right. ANYTHING. Especially the people who are capable, privileged, and free enough to read this online.

Say you are 25 right now, give or take a few years. That means 300 of those months are already gone. You now have somewhere between 0-600 left. How many, we don’t get to know.

0 at worst, 600 at best.

When I think about it in those terms, it really does go so fast.

Today happens to be the 7th day of this month, and the rest will likely fly by. 599. Next month will fly by too. 598.

For this month, how many days have you put aside to do what you love most - to do exactly what you feel you are here on this earth to do? How many hours even? Is there room on the calendar, or does it keep getting pushed back?

This month is 1/900 of your life. YOUR life! How much time will you spend it watching TV shows that aren’t even that enjoyable? Complaining? Arguing? Moping? Comparing yourself with others? Worrying about criticism? Avoiding failure? Hanging out with people who don’t want the best for you? Thinking about what you don’t have? Doing stuff you hate to buy useless shit that doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of life?

How long have you been living for some other day that will always remain as some other day?

Now, how much time this month will you spend in absolute bliss? As your highest self? In a place where you can honestly say there’s no place you’d rather be?

What really makes you tick? What freezes time? What makes you excited to get out of bed every day?

Four weeks pass. 597.

Four more. 596.

Oh, yeah, I was supposed to start doing that thing that day, but it slipped my mind and I put it off. 595.

Enough time has slipped by.

Today is Friday.
Do not let this weekend slip by without doing that thing.
Drop the shit that doesn’t matter.
Start now.

. . .

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