Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exploring Southern California: Mount Palomar Observatory

May 2016

Southern California is full of interesting places. SoCal's climate, culture and lifestyle is so diverse, almost every visitor can find his or her place of sojourn, If you like urban lifestyle, Los Angeles is the place to be. Like riding ATVs in the desert? Riverside county may be your liking. But if you like visiting mountains, San Diego is the place to be.

I got to visit the famous Hale reflecting telescope (the largest of its time when it was built in 1948, until the Russian BTA-6 was built in 1976)

Getting there
Mount Palomar Observatory is located inside the Cleveland National Forest. You can reach Mount Palomar Observatory by State Highway 76 and head eastbound. Follow the signs to Palomar Mountain. Twenty five miles (40 km) from the interchange, County Road S6 (also known as South Grade Road) exits (5 miles/8 km past Valley Center Road) in a "Y" to the left and climbs to the
Palomar summit. S6 ends at the Observatory gates. For driving directions, get it here.

What to Expect
Mount Palomar in itself a good place to visit, the great view of San Diego County along County Route S6 is amazing.

Clouds obscure what could have been San Diego County

The Observatory
Gates open at 9am and closes at 4pm
This dome houses the Hale 200 inch Reflecting Telescope

The Dome!

Scale model of the 200 inch telescope
The size of the reflecting telescope is immense!

If you are a fan of astronomy, this should be included in your itinerary. 

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