Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Teach Kids How to Ride A Bicycle

Riding a bike is the most awesome thing for a kid. It is the closest one would ever get to flying. You're a few inches off the ground, moving 7-10 miles per hour, the wind blowing in your hair.
Thus, riding a bike is a must for a kid to check of their summer activities.
How then would you teach a child to ride a bike?
Here are some guidelines to help you:

  • Lose the training wheels. - training wheels do not teach kids how to balance properly. It will only delay learning how to balance as the video above "Teach Your Kid How To Ride A Bike" points out.
  • Guide your kid by holding them by their armpits. This will make them learn balancing by themselves,
  • Choose wide open spaces, free of traffic for your bike lesson. A park is best for this case.
  • Let them ride on paved surfaces. This will make them build up speed and momentum.
  • Shoes, long pants, long sleeved shirts are mandatory to protect your kid from scratches should they fall. Gloves are optional to protect their hands from chaffing.
  • Helmets are mandatory for safety.
  • Teach them to push and balance first. Pedaling will come in later.
Let your kid enjoy the experience. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

First Time: Road Cycling!

I have to admit that I have an aversion to road bikes. I don't see myself donning Lycra shorts and fitting jerseys. However, when somebody offered me the chance to ride his road bike, I immediately said yes to the opportunity.

First time to try clip-less pedals!

The first time riding a bike with clip-less pedals feels unusual. You hear horror stories of riders falling sideways because of improper dismounting. To allay fears, here are some tips given by a seasoned road bike rider (Robert):

  • Mounting: straddle your bike. Using your strong dominant leg, move the crank to the 2 o'clock position. Lock your dominant leg to the pedal. Pedal your bike and lock the other leg into position.
  • Anticipate the road ahead. Look out for obstacles and situations where you have to slow down.
  • When your speed goes below 3kph, unlock your dominant foot from the pedal and be ready to plant your foot to the ground as you come to a complete stop.
  • Remember, the clip-less shoes have limited grip on ground. Be careful where you step.
  • Practice a few hundred meters dismounting and mounting your bike.

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Riding a road bike is fun and exhilarating, just practice situational awareness and enjoy the ride!